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aubo cobot

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AUBO cobot Collaborative robot-Cobot palletizer -palletizing solution

1. Wide application

Widely used in food, medicine, 3C, daily chemical, e-commerce and other industries.

2.Safe and stable
Industrial-grade force sensor with high reliability and safety; supports 10-level collision detection and sensing circuit safety detection; provides 16 safe l/0 interfaces, and will not lose safety functions when a single fault occurs;

3.Flexible deployment Integrated design, light and flexible, small footprint; easy and quick deployment of new tasks on workstations, high efficiency.

4.Easy programming Visual programming is simple and efficient, and Puyong employees can easily operate the robot without using an alcoholic programming language. It takes half an hour to master the programming method, and one hour to complete simple programming.

5.Flexible production Various functional scenarios can be quickly switched, and flexible production can be achieved by man-machine collaboration, two-machine collaboration, and multi-machine collaboration.

6.Economical and practical On average, the investment cost is recovered within 6-12 months.

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