Collaborative robot CNC tending solution

Model: Robot CNC machine tending solution

Brand: AE
Price: 20000
Unit: Set
Minorder: 1
Payment: T/T
Port: Shenzhen port
Certification: ISO 15066 design standard certification/ ISO13849 mechanical safety certification
Place: China
Packaging: Wood packing

Collaborative robot CNC tending solution 

For the current CNC machine tool workstations, most of them are manually operated. With the increasing labor costs, the difficulty of recruiting workers is becoming more and more intense. It can stabilize production and ensure the consistency of loading and unloading CNC machine tools. Automatic loading and unloading collaborative robot workstations emerged as the times require. The workstation can adapt to a variety of application scenarios and is easy to debug. One technician can operate multiple machines. It can adapt to multiple varieties and small batches, and can work 24 hours without interruption. It is a good helper in the production of CNC machine tools.

The workstation uses collaborative robots as the main body, which is more flexible and easy to debug. It is convenient and quick to replace the end tools, and the performance is more stable. It is easier to integrate into the machining center equipment as a stable loading and unloading workstation. It is suitable for the production of multi-variety and small-batch products, and can be adapted to various drilling centers, machining centers, milling machines, lathes, special machines and other equipment.

Machine Features

Wide range of applications: It can be adapted to different brands and different types of application equipment.
●Easy to operate: technicians do not need to program and get started quickly.
●Flexible material change: It is simple to change the material tray to meet the processing needs of various workpieces.
●High versatility: the workstation software control system is powerful, and can be freely programmed according to the process requirements.
●Safe and reliable: Complies with multiple safety standards, making human-machine collaboration safer.
●Advantages compared with industrial robots: short deployment time, higher security, strong flexible operation, and small space occupation

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