4-axis CNC milling solution


CNC milling machine is develop based on general milling machine. In some application general milling can't meet processing requirements and low efficiency.We provide 4-axis CNC milling system can solve this problem.You can build new CNC milling machine or retrofit used CNC milling machine by our system.This system can be used on Rigid taping application, CNC router

2.Package of 4-axis CNC lathe system

Model Name Description Quantity Remarke
AR-MDA400 4-axis CNC milling/drilling  controller 7.0inch 4-axis CNC milling/drilling controller support auto tool change function and Popular CAD/CAM software  1set
Additional panel 1set
Manual pulse generator 1set
I/O boards 1set
Cable and accessories 1set
750w ac synchronization servo motor 0.75kw,2.4Nm,3000rpm,incremental encoder,low inertia 3phase ac synchronization servo motor 4set Power Optional
220VAC -15~+10% servo driver AC servo driver for 1.5kw 2500line count encoder 3phase ac synchronization servo motor 4set Optional
Servo cable servo cable including power cable(U,V,W,PE),encoder cable and control cable 4set Length Optional
5.5kw Servo spindle motor 5.5kw,rated speed 1500rpm,Max.6000rpm,1024line count encoder 380V un-synchronization motor 1set Power Optional
3phase 380V VFD  3phase 380V VFD for 5.5kw servo spindle motor 1set Optional

CNC milling system drawing