Glue dispensing robot solution

Desktop glue dispensing robot is also named automatic glue dispenser.It is most appplication for electronics and auto car field.For automatic glue diespenser .there is different type likes 3-axis automatic glue dispenser,4-axis double working station or the 4th axis is rotation axis automatic glue dispenser.Also it can work with vision system.It will get a better position accurancy and detection function. What we can supply in this system in below table

2.Package of dispensing robot

Name Description Quantity Remark
Glue dispensing robot controller 3-axis or 4-axis glue dispensing robot controller     1
Step motor     57series step motor for X,Yaxis     2
Step driver 24VDC~80VDC step driver for step motor         2
Desktop robot     300X300X100mm or 400X400X100mm or 500X500X100mm desktop robot     1