How to select a servo motor

How to select a servo motor

1. Determine the working system

Understand the characteristic of the working system, including the mass, size external forces of all the moving part, coefficient of friction.


2. Determine the operating pattern

Understand the operating pattern of the parts, and convert into motor shaft operating pattern.


3. Determine the load inertia of the working system

Calculate the inertia of each parts in working system to get the total load inertia of the motor shaft conversion value.


4. Determine the added load torque for motor shaft conversion value

Determines the frictional force, external force and so on to get the motor shaft conversion value


5. Temporarily select a motor

According to the data above, temporarily select a motor


6.  Determine acceleration/ deceleration torque from operating pattern


7. Ensure the maximum torque of the system is less than the rated torque of the motor

From the friction torque, external torque, and acceleration/ deceleration Torque to get the maximum torque of the system, ensure it is less than the rated torque of the motor.


8.Calculate regenerative energy

Determine regenerative energy from the torque of the system


9. Check if the number of encoder pulses meets the system specified resolution.