Plasma/flame cutting machine solution

1.Plasma cutting machine is popular in cutting conductive material application. It always be used to cut stainless steel and thickness from 0.5mm to 100mm in general.In this system .It can support FASTCAM and ProNest software also there is shape library in cutting system.So it is very convenient.For system. There is 7.0inch,10.4inch and 15inch display.The friendly human machine interface is english and chinese language.For 7.0inch and 10.4inch controller. it is Arm+FPGA processor and for 15inch controller. It is X86 instucture and built-in windows system.Also it can support gantry structure.Working with Hypertherm plasma source can make cutting more smoothly.

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2.Package of cutting system

Name Description Quantity Remark
Plasma cutting controller 7.0inch Plasma cutting machine controller 1
400w servo motor 400w,3000rpm,1.27Nm,2500line encoder low inertia 3phase ac synchronization servo motor 3
220V servo driver 220V servo driver for 400w servo motor 3
servo cable power cable ,encoder cable and control cable 3
Planet reducer box 60mm flange size 25:1 reduce ratio reducer 3 Taiwan VGM
FASTCAM CAM software can make you more convenient 1