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Robotic Tube Sheet Welding

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Fanuc industrial robot for tube-sheet welding solution
Robotic Tube Sheet Welding 
(1) The product is equipped with FANUC's large-load, long-arm industrial robot, which has high motion precision, good flexibility, and long service life, and has extremely low requirements for the placement of workpieces.

(2) Integrated base design, small footprint (2300×1400mm), light weight (within 800KG), easy to move in the workshop.

(3) Imported industrial cameras are selected for visual inspection. With special recognition algorithms, there is no need to create templates, and the recognition speed is fast.

(4) The dry running time is short. Taking a pipe with a diameter of 25mm and a distance between the pipes of 31mm as an example, the identification and positioning of two adjacent nozzles and the jump time are within 5S.

(5) The welding system uses a completely self-developed host computer software, and uses advanced intelligent visual recognition functions. The accuracy can be controlled within 0.05mm, which is completely suitable for the welding of most tube-to-sheet workpieces.

(6) The product is equipped with an all-position tube-to-sheet welding torch. The rotating and wire-feeding driving parts of the welding torch adopt hollow-cup DC servo motors imported from Switzerland, with stepless speed regulation within the speed range, stable performance and long service life. Moreover, the welding torch has a precise infinite-rotation rotary structure, and the wire feeding, water, electricity, and gas are free from entanglement and comes with an integrated wire feeder, which makes wire feeding convenient and reliable.

(7) The welding machine configured by this product uses a 10-inch touch screen as the human-computer interaction interface, and the graphical operation interface is intuitive, simple and easy to operate.

(8) The welding machine has arc voltage tracking function, can automatically control the arc length, responds quickly and controls accurately, so that the welding quality is stable and uniform.

(9) Wireless industrial remote control, reliable performance, and has a sleep function, ultra-low power consumption, greatly extending the battery life.


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