China welding robot manufactures with 350A welding source

Model: HY1006A-144

Brand: Honey
Price: 9900
Unit: set
Minorder: 1
Payment: 100%T/T
Port: Shenzhen Port
Certification: CE
Place: China
Packaging: wood box
This welding robot is R&D for welding fit MEGMEET brand MIG welding equipments.
High cost effective welding robot is your best choice 
Name HY-1006A-144 HY-1006A-180
Structure Vertically Articulated,6 degrees of Freedom
Application Welding
Payload 6KG
Position   Repeatability ±0.08mm
Power Capactity 1.7KVA 3.7KVA
Range of Motion P-Point see blow
Robot Weight 170KG 300KG
Range of Motion Basic
J1 ±170°
J2 +178°    -65° +0°       +175°
J3 °+82      -68° +90°     -80°
Arm Axis J4 ±150° ±170°
J5 +22°   -202° +125°   -90°
J6 ±330°(Remarks 1) ±220°

J1 119°/S 136°/S
J2 136°/S 135°/S
J3 137°/S 125°/S
Arm Axis J4 160°/S 150°/S
J5 156°/S 150°/S
J6 346°/S 333°/S
Mounting  Positions Ground and Ceiling and Portal and Wall
Ambient Temperature 0-45°,20-80%RH (No condensation)
Protection Class Comparable to IP67

6-Axis Welding Robot with 350A MIG Welding Equipment 6kg Payload

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