6-axis industrial robot with 5kg payload 600mm arm reach

Model: TT8-600

Price: 10000
Unit: SET
Minorder: 1
Payment: 100% T/T in advance
Port: Shenzhen ports
Place: China
Packaging: Wood packing



6 axis industrial robot can be application for pick&place, assembly, vision detection. It can replace worker and cost down production line budget. 

These robot is easy to program. Just program by teaching pendent. There are some basic command to you.




Model TT8-600 TT6-800 TT4-1000 TT15-1400
Axis No. 6-axis
Drive type AC servo motor
Max. range J1 +/-170 ° +/-160°
J2 -65°~+95° -70°~+130°
J3 -30°~185° -105°~+85°
J4 +/-180° +/-180°
J5 -95°~+105° +/-120°
J6 +/-360°
Max. speed J1 225°/s 110°/s
J2 225°/s 100°/s
J3 270°/s 127°/s
J4 307°/s 125°/s
J5 337°/s 168°/s
J6 337°/s 240°/s
Rated payload   6kg 5kg 3kg 15kg
Wrist allowable static load torque J4 16.6Nm 6.0Nm 34Nm
J5 16.6Nm 6.0Nm 34Nm
J6 9.4Nm 2.9Nm 22Nm
Wrist Allowable ineartia J4 0.47kg.m^2 0.12kg.m^2 0.8kg.m^2
J5 0.47kg.m^2 0.12kg.m^2 0.8kg.m^2
J6 0.15kg.m^2 0.03kg.m^2 0.25kg.m^2
Reapatability +/-0.05mm +/-0.1mm
Working temperature 5~40°
Mount On floor
Robot weight   42kg 43kg 44kg  
Arm reach   600mm 800mm 1000mm 1400mm
IP Class   IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54

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