AUBO i10FB 6-Axis explosion proof painting cobot

Model: AUBO-i10FB

Brand: AUBO
Price: 42500
Unit: Set
Minorder: 1
Payment: T/T
Port: Shenzhen port
Certification: CE/3C
Place: China
Packaging: Wood packing

AUBO-i10FB Explosion Proof Painting Cobot 

AUBO-i10FB explosion-proof collaborative robot has a working radius of 1350mm, and also has a repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.03mm, a load of 10kg, an arm span of 1513mm, and a maximum working radius of 1350mm. Large load, long working radius, each joint can achieve ±360°rotation

The mechanical supervisor and control cabinet of the AUBO explosion-proof series (ALB-B) collaborative robot have obtained explosion-proof certificates to achieve the overall explosion-proof effect, and the protection level reaches industrial P65. The mechanical tube adopts the leakage compensation type positive pressure explosion-proof measures of medium isolation ignition source, and the sealing performance is reliable. The shell adopts multiple seals, so as to realize the compound anti-collection structure such as intrinsically safe and positive pressure, which can completely prevent dust and prevent the intrusion of forward water. The control cabinet and the teaching pendant adopt continuous ventilation type positive pressure explosion-proof, which can effectively enhance the front heat of the control cabinet while ensuring the ventilation, so as to ensure the versatility of the system. In addition, a set-type explosion-proof enclosure is added, which is used to place other electrical components in the system, while ensuring safety, it can effectively prevent damage to the components during the moving process of the components. AUBO explosion-proof series robots have loads of 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 16kg, 20kg and other specifications, which can be selected according to load requirements and operating space. The product can be used in spraying, petroleum, chemical and other scenarios, filling the gap of collaborative machines in this field of work.

 parameters Degrees of freedom 6
Maximum working radius (mm) 1350mm  
Load (kg) 10kgs  
Weight (kg) 38.5KG  
Mounting surface diameter (mm) Ø220  
Repeat positioning accuracy  ±0.03MM  
Tool speed (m/s) ≤4.0  
Average power (W) 500  
Peak power (W) 2000  
Operating ambient temperature range (°C) 0-50  
Working environment humidity 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)  
Installation method Any angle  
Degree of protection IP65  
ISO 14644-1 cleanroom class 5  
Explosion-proof grade Ex d mb px ⅡB T4 Gb; Ex mbD pD tD A21 IP65 T130°C  
Joint Motion Parameters Joint 1 ±360
Joint 2 ±360
Joint 3 ±360
Joint 4 ±360
Joint 5 ±360
Joint 6 ±360
Control cabinet parameters Product number AUBO-CB(Explosion-proof cabinet)
Control cabinet size (length*width*height) 600mm*600mm*1600mm
Weight 200kg
Length of cables connected to the robotic arm 5m (can be customized, up to 8m)
Teach pendant parameters Product number AUBO-TP
size 355mm*235mm*54mm
IP rating IP43

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