Electric Gripper control clamping force

Model: EFG-F

Brand: AE
Price: 350
Unit: SET
Minorder: 1
Payment: T/T in advance
Port: Shenzhen
Place: China
Packaging: Carton packing

Feature of electric gripper:

Connect 24V Power and ground; send high and low logic levels to control the opening and closing send analog signals to control the clamping force



Model   EFG-F

Total stroke


Clamping force 5~30N
Max clamping weight <=300g
Mode of motion Two finger
Adjusting of stroke Non- adjustable
Weight 0.235kg
Closng or opening time 0.3s
Dimension 30*24*94
Placement mode of controller Build in controller
Power 3.6watt
Motor type BLDC
Rated voltage 24V
Peak current 1A
NPN gripper controller input and output voltage is 24V which type is NPN
Universal driver

Invoked with urcap libraries directly

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