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China made top one brand ESTUN robot in good price,it made scara robot up to 1000mm and max. 20kg payload, 6-axis industrial robot for welding, plasma cutting and bending application

The Estun robot 4 axis, with a load of 3~50kg and a arm reach range of 150mm~420mm.
The Estun robot 6 axis, with a load of 8~600kg and a arm reach range of 720mm~3500mm

Widely used in ceramic rock slab production lines, with multiple specifications and heavy weight, the maximum size of rock slabs can be transported up to 1600 * 3600mm.
We are also committed to developing customized products for the industry.
For example:
1. Drilling robot
2. Sorting workstation
3. Welding robot
4. Logistics packaging
5. Transport robot
6. Stacking robot

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